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Express Sinaloa División Ensenada, S.A. de C.V. it´s a company dedicated to provide the Complete Cargo Unity Transport and Parcel with collection services, Home Delivery and Service at Subsidiary, supporting it’s organizational performance through interdependence of it’s areas of work and at the professionalization and permanent training of

it’s directive, supervision an operative personal, who work based on the continuous improvement of its processes with the purpose of satisfy the requirements of delivery times, security and the specifications that our clients mark, also the rules, laws and regulations that area applied.

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Quality Objective

100% accomplishes the commitments of delivery time, safety and specifications agreed with our clients in the services we provide.

Payment optionsConsult other payment options

Freight paid

The client when requesting the service and make shipment, immediately settled the full amount of the bearing letter.

Collection to destination

It means that the operator charges freight customer, after having delivered the goods.

Collection to return

This type of payment is for customers who enjoy a direct line of credit, that is to say, the operator only delivers the goods to the recipient client, who signs under received your merchandise and the sending client is the one who performed posterity payment carrying amount of the letter.

Wire transfer

For obtaining your transfer KEY, we will ask you an email account, such you can make us arrive at a message or in chat.

Locations Express 8WPresent throughout the Republic

Mexico city

Calzada Vallejo No. 1830 Ptas. 52,53 y 54
Col. Patera Vallejo Delg. Gustavo A Madero, México, D. F.
Phones 01 ( 55 ) 5389 22 89 , 5389 41 14

Easte Mexico City

Calle Transportista No. 15 Col. Álvaro Obregón, México, D. F.
Phones 01 ( 55 ) 5744 22 47 , 5744 22 78


Oriente No. 184 Colonia Industrial Bruno Pagliai Tejería, Veracruz
Phone 01 ( 229 ) 925 2598

Toluca, oficinas generales

Prolongación 5 de Mayo No.1543 Col. Electricistas, Toluca, México.
Phones 01 ( 722 ) 276 90 00 con 35 Líneas

Toluca 2000

Calle 4 Sur No.107 Lote 13 Parque Industrial Toluca 2000 Toluca, México.
Phones 01 ( 722 ) 249 20 41 , 249 20 42


Av. Dr. R. Michel No. 2934 Col. Electricistas Parque Industrial el Álamo, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Phones 01 ( 33 ) 3838 79 67 , 3838 77 74


Regio Avenida No. 136 Regio Parque Industrial, Apodaca, Nuevo León.
Phones 01 ( 81 ) 8366 8120 , 8386 81 30


Blvd. Jesus Kumate Rodríguez No. 5420 Col. El Diez Parque Industrial El Trébol Culiacán, Sinaloa.
Phone 01 ( 667 ) 1739 156

Express 8W more than 50 years at your service

We achieved the best combination and optimization of the human, technical and material resources to give you a better service.


About us

Express 8W, a 100% Mexican Company dedicated to the Federal Public Service of Regular Load, with an endorse of more than 50 years of experience in load transport.


Integrate human, technical and material factors in offering freight services that go all aimed at meeting the needs of quality, safety and convenience of customers, thus managing to actively participate in the development of productive activities in the country


• Give an excellent service for each and every one of our customers.
• Provide timely services.
• Provide quality services.
• Constantly adapt the service to the customer needs.
• Offer a competitive price.
• Achieve greater penetration and positioning in the market.
• Keep our personal trained and updated to better perform its activities.
• Have at all time forefront Technical Support.
• Participate actively and positively in the economic development of México.

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